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A little wit goes a long way!

Today's key to success isn't solely based on education, experience or influencing skills. At a pace unseen in history, creative storytelling can take a business from "solid" to "solid gold". And the secret sauce to making stories stick? Wit!

At Eliro, we know one of the best, proven ways to unlock creative storytelling is through the use of humor. 

With over two decades of working with companies from Fortune 500 to start-ups building their fortune one sale at a time, Eliro is a different type of agency.

We specialize in humor theory to help you leverage the power of stories that deliver:

  • Marketing - from strategy and branding through corporate communications

  • Training - from innovation sessions to staff training for sales, HR and any department

  • Speakers & Presentations - from sales meetings to board meetings

Discover what our unique capabilities can do for you. When it comes to your goals, you might be surprised how a little wit can go a long way.

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Eliro is a team of business-bred and comedy-led writers, strategists and marketers that know that when it comes to your business goals, it's only a laughing matter once you get results.  

Eliro works closely with each client to create impactful messages, content and solutions where the right type of wit can go a long way!

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