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The Power of Threes

At some point, whether you have been steeped in the world of marketing or you have fallen down the never-ending rabbit hole that is the internet, you may have heard about the "power of three". Simply put, there is something primitive about the way in which we humans can manage, store, remember and recite information better when kept to a set of three.

Think of the Three Musketeers, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, bromance movies like The Hangover....heck, even small, medium and large (I never was able to translate into Starbucks sizes). Things that come in threes seem easier to recall.

So it is that this blog "The Wittin' Post" will feature three things you need to know each week, starting in 2020, that will focus on humor in the workplace to give a glimpse of how it can make a difference to your marketing, training or presentation.

Let's get started: Three things to know about the Power of threes

1. Connection - Comedy and storytelling often use the power of three to create tension, engagement with audience and surprise. In fact, with joke writing, if you pay attention, you'll notice comedians doing this all the time: "I always make sure I'm ready for holiday shopping during this time of year - got my credit card, my warm clothes and my anti-anxiety medication."

2. Retention - Audiences will remember not only three things better from your presentation but your entire presentation? Why? Chances are that by structuring your main message around three things, the connection will be clearer, more concise and consistent - a recipe for much better recall.

3. Choice - Our primitive brain (or the part that is primitive - depending on who you talk to) thinks in terms of choice and when we do, we tend to focus on three options - accepting what is in front of us, declining it or changing it. As such, the idea of thinking in terms of three is wired in us from well before we even knew it!

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for the weekly blog launch in January and remember - "a little wit goes a long way!"


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